Susanna Lee

Susanna Lee in a red dress and red boots photo #2


Susanna Lee is an Austin, Texas based musician. She regularly performs live impressing listeners with her unique voice and talented keyboard skills.  She studied with a relative of the famous composer Khachaturian & late UT Austin Prof. Danielle Martin, where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts in music.

Susanna was a member of the UT Longhorn Singers and also attended the Berklee College of Music as a voice major.  She is a recording artist and songwriter who hopes to inspire others & make a difference in the world.

Susanna Lee's next release - Party.
Music Review:

Susanna Lee’s “Party” is just that. Paula Abdul is there, Gloria Estefan is there, Madonna’s agent is there, all the women are wearing complicated bras, the drinks are expensive, the music is way too loud, and we’re all having a great time because we’re young and there’s no such thing as Netflix. There are way too many programmed hand claps in this song, which is exactly the correct amount of hand claps for this song. The chorus hook is spot on: give it to me three times in a row and then a long note where I can throw my arms up in the air and spin around. This vodka soda was $16, I’m going to enjoy it!
- 11:59 Songwriting Group